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Up & Coming Trend: Gloss Balm Sticks

clinique chubby sticke.l.f. lip gloss stickcovergirl jumbo gloss balm stick

One new up and coming trend that I absolutely love is the lig gloss/balm stick. This is basically a smoother lip balm that adds shine and some color to your lips. I love this product because it is not sticky and does not dry up but stays smooth on your lips like a lip balm would but has some shine like a gloss. If you are the kind of person who loves simple lips and does not like to mess with lipsticks, then this lip product is for you!

I have included 3 different examples of this product from different brands to help make your life easier to see which one to buy.

1) the first one is the Clinique chubby stick and comes in so many shades. This one has a really strong color content and is good if you like tinted lip balms better. Price: $16

2.) e.l.f. jumbo lip gloss stick: I love this one because it has great quality for such a cheap price like the rest of their makeup and goes on oh so smooth. I would recommend putting your favorite chapstick on before just to ensure the smoothness. Price:$2 (yes! only $2)

3.) Covergirl jumbo gloss balm: This one is so pretty and is focused more on the tint that the balm part for sure. I love the color options in it (especially Coral Twist). Price: $7.99

MY FAVORITE: definitely the e.l.f. one because it is so cheap and it acutally works! But if you are wanting a more high quality and willing to pay the price then go ahead!





Welcome to my new blog!

Well this is my first post on my brand new blog that I hope will inspire you and give you great ideas and examples for hair, beauty, fashion, and anything else I love. Blogging is not quite my strongest link, but I hope to get better as I go along and I hope you enjoy my posts!

Some examples of what you will see on this blog will be upcoming trends, beauty ideas, hair ideas, DIYs, and much more!

Thanks again for viewing my posts and don’t forget to follow my blog!