I Donut Want Summer to Ever End


After a week of tantalizing sunshine and sand-crusted romance novels at the beach, I’ve come back to reality. It is always so hard to leave a place where laziness and fun are so readily intertwined….

I hope your summer is going fantastic and most importantly I hope you are wearing sunscreen any chance you get!

I’m currently on the search for a new foundation and serum, so be on the lookout as I will post about the ones I choose and give you the “what’s up” on them! In the meantime, I wanted to quickly share about Beauty Protector’s Protect & Oil.


It is always to find a protective oil or serum for you hair (especially in the summer when your hair is bound to catch some gnarly UV’s). After doing some research and looking through many reviews I decided to try the brand Beauty Protector’s product. First off, it smells AMAZING! When applying I focus mostly on my ends when my hair is damp but I also use it to smooth fly-aways when it is dry. So if you are on the search for a new protective oil because a creme isn’t cutting it for your locks, give the Beauty Protector a look!

Have a fabulous day!





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