My Skin 5-Step Approach!!!

Winter time. It comes with fur coats, fuzzy socks, and fashionable but cozy outfits. If you’re like me, winter also brings dull skin to match the dull weather.

If dull skin is your diagnosis, try my 5-step approach as your remedy! I have combination skin (aka bipolar skin) and I’m always on the prowl for the best products to perk up my skin but also to balance the oil and dryness. Here is my 5-step approach:

My 5 step approach to clear skin!


1)Face Wash: Philosophy’s Purity face wash

This face wash is very light and has a wonderful smell to it that actually feels like you are cleaning your face. Also, it stays having great reviews and can help get off that stubborn mascara.

2)Exfoliator/Scrub (Don’t need to do every day if skin appears too dry): Bioré’s Baking Soda Exfoliator

This product is fairly new and is the perfect exfoliator for my skin! It’s not too harsh on the skin and the powder activates with water!

3)Face Toner: Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Refreshing Toner

Make sure not to skip this step! Toner can work miracles and help clean anything your face wash did not as well as smooth your skin.

4)Face Serum: Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Serum

This serum is also fairly new and the same mother brand as my face toner. It works great for the price and doesn’t have a potent smell as some serums do.

5)Moisturizer: Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer

This moisturizer includes oxygen to help perk up even the most tired skin! The smell is refreshing, but if your skin is extra dry you may want to use a heavier moisturizer at night and use this one in the morning.


I hope these steps can bring some facial relief amidst all the other stress you might have of picking out the warmest scarf or deciding to wear a jacket with your sweater due to the oncoming spring weather.

Have a blessed day!





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